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Program Director

902-628-2000 ext. 225

Program Manager

902-628-2000 ext. 228

Senior Program Officer

902-628-2000 ext. 232

Program Officer

902-628-2000 ext 257

Program Officer

902-628-2000 ext. 231

Ashanti Vega
Events & Marketing Manager

902-628-2000 ext. 255

Program Officer, Prince County

Address: 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside

Program Officer, Kings County


Expand Your Network

The PEI Connectors program provided wings that helped my company get off the ground. PEI Connectors meant networking was much easier: They organized lots of events, lectures, and meetings – I asked if I could meet specialists in the construction business, and they made it happen. I want to thank them for all their help.

Entrepreneur Client

The Connectors program had mixers and trips to successful businesses on the island. I did a lot of networking there and put my resume out to the positions I found. This led to my first role on the Island.

Job-seeker Client

They’ve all [PEI Connectors team] been very, very helpful. They organized meetings so newcomers working on business plans could connect with members of different business sectors about opportunities and learn from their experiences. We learned everything we needed to know.

Entrepreneur Client

My Program Officer encouraged me to try and try and try, and coached me through job applications and interviews. Now, I got my right position. I am really happy!

Job-seeker Client

The program officers were very, very helpful; they told us who to contact and arranged seminars to help us learn about how to start and buy a business.

Entrepreneur Client

International Students should take advantage of services like PEI Connectors. Not only do they help students gain experience, they help them get more familiar with the Canadian working culture and help them settle more than before.

Job-seeker Client
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