We offer a variety of support, networking, and research-based services to entrepreneurs who are new to PEI and/or new to Canada, and to Island businesses that are owned by immigrants.
Our services are available in English, French, Mandarin, Persian, Hindi and are offered free of charge.
Business Support Services & Educational Programming
Program Officers provide one-on-one support services to our clients, in the development and execution of their business plans. Services are provided at all stages of the client life cycle, from exploration/research to opening/launch; after-care support is also available.

We also offer workshops and information sessions throughout the year, to familiarize our clients with the local business environment, and provide information about support services and programs for business owners.
Our clients take part in business development and networking events. This enables them to expand their professional networks, increase their visibility and promote their businesses locally.

Farah Jahandideh & Jabbar Pourbahman–Café Thomas - Martin ( Client)

Jabbar Pourbahman will quickly divulge the secret to success at Café Thomas-Martin.
“My wife makes everything here,” he says, as he slices chicken breast in the kitchen. “But I help her,” he adds with a smile.

Jabbar and his wife, Farah Jahandideh, have owned this downtown Charlottetown café since 2015. Glass cases and containers at the counter tempt visitors with baking from Farah’s kitchen.

Today, customers can indulge in peach-mango or raspberry muffins or molasses spice, peanut butter or “everything but the kitchen sink” cookies; or order salads, all-day breakfast, or sandwiches on Farah’s homemade bread.

“I’m too busy,” Farah says with a laugh.