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Embark on your Entrepreneurial Journey with Us

Becoming an Entrepreneur Client

Our services are designed to assist immigrant entrepreneurs who need guidance and support to navigate the challenges of establishing a business in Prince Edwards Island (PEI).

Eligibility Criteria: To become our entrepreneur client and benefit from our specialized services, you must already have immigrated to Canada and currently reside in PEI!


  1. 1. Sign-up by filling out the entrepreneur client web form
  2. 2. We assign a Program Officer to you to provide you with one-on-one support 
  3. 3. Meet with your Program Officer to discuss your business goals and plans
  4. 4. Your Program Officer will connect you with Volunteer Connectors, who are established business and community leaders
  5. 5. Meet with Volunteer Connectors in one-on-one scheduled meetings
  6. 6. You ask questions and get the support you need regarding your business
  7. 7. You can follow up with Volunteer Connectors and begin to develop your own personal network

Business Support: Program Officers provide one-on-one support services to our entrepreneur clients in the development & execution of their business plans. Services are provided at all stages of the client's life cycle starting from exploration/research!

Networking Assistance: Program Officers facilitate new connections for our entrepreneur clients. Clients also take part in networking events that enable them to expand their professional networks, increase visibility, and promote their businesses locally!

Free Educational Programming: We organize free information sessions for our entrepreneur clients to help them gain knowledge and resources to successfully start and operate their businesses on PEI!

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