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Becoming a Job-seeker Client

Our services are designed to assist job-seekers who are new to the local labour market and need guidance and support to navigate the challenges of establishing their career on Prince Edwards Island (PEI).

Eligibility Criteria: To become our job-seeker client and benefit from our specialized services, you must already have immigrated to Canada and currently reside in PEI!

Clients can be any new Islanders and new graduates in the following categories:

LINKEDIN PROFILE — All job-seeker clients must have an active LinkedIn profile
WORK PEI — All job-seeker clients must be registered with WORKPEI

  1. 1. Sign-up by filling out the job-seeker client web form
  2. 2. We assign a Program Officer to you to provide you with one-on-one support 
  3. 3. Meet with your Program Officer to discuss your professional goals
  4. 4. Your Program Officer will connect you with Volunteer Connectors, who are professionals in your field of interest 
  5. 5. Meet with Volunteer Connectors in one-on-one scheduled meetings
  6. 6. You ask questions and make note of current market demands and skills required in your field
  7. 7. You can follow up with Volunteer Connectors and begin to develop your own personal network

Personalized Support: Program Officers meet with job-seeker clients one-on-one to understand their professional goals and provide tailored guidance. Clients are equipped with the right strategies and insights to excel in their job search!

Networking Assistance: Program Officers will put our job-seeker clients directly in touch with Volunteer Connectors/professionals in their field. Clients also take part in small and large-scale networking sessions that enable them to expand their network!

Free Educational Programming: We organize free information sessions for our job-seeker clients that are geared toward their professional development, elevating their skills and knowledge, and equipping them with the right tools to succeed!

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