COVID-19 protocol

The PEI Connectors team is happy to serve our clients and members of our business community on an appointment basis, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for any reason.

​ If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please refrain from attending meetings in-person and follow the appropriate health directives as outlined by the provincial Chief Public Health Office.

meet the team

Nicole Bellefleur
Director FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Canada
EDUCATION: Business Administration
INTERESTS: Travel, yoga, charity work
LANGUAGES: English, French
ROLE: Oversees the PEI Connectors program

Phone: 902 628.2000 Ext 231
Nindiya Sharma
Marketing and Special Projects Manager FAST FACTS ORIGIN: New Delhi, India
EDUCATION: Commerce and Marketing
INTERESTS: Beach, music and travel
LANGUAGES: English and Hindi
ROLE: Promotions, outreach and marketing of the program and help skilled workers and new graduates connect with professionals in the business community

Phone: 902 628 2000 Ext 256
Amy Zhang
Program Officer FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Shanghai, China
EDUCATION: International Affairs & International Trading
INTERESTS: music, travel and meditation
LANGUAGES: English and Mandarin
ROLE: Help immigrant entrepreneurs doing business in PEI

Phone: 902 628.2000 Ext 225
Ali Siadat
Program Officer FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Iran
EDUCATION: Engineering, Business and Tourism
INTERESTS: Art, Travel, Volleyball, Soccer
LANGUAGES: English, Persian(Farsi)
ROLE: Help immigrant entrepreneurs doing business in PEI

Phone: 902 628.2000 Ext 228
Frank Fan Liu
Program Officer FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Beijing, China
EDUCATION: Management Information System & EDP (CEIBS)
INTERESTS: Sports, movie and travel
LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin
ROLE: Share experience with entrepreneurs and help them doing business well in PEI

Phone: 902 628.2000 Ext 232
Elmira Moghimi
Program Officer FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Iran
EDUCATION: B.A in Marketing Communications and B.A in Sociology with a minor in Applied Communication, Leadership & Culture (ACLC)
INTERESTS: Photography, Videography, Travelling, Reading books, Socializing, Crafting, & Dancing
LANGUAGES: Persian, English, French (Beginner)
ROLE: Connect new Islanders (skilled workers/newcomers) and new graduates to business and community leaders to build their networks.

PHONE: 902 628 2000 Ext 257
Sanjana Hossain
Events and Social Media Coordinator FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Dhaka, Bangladesh
EDUCATION: Marketing and Advertising Management
INTERESTS: Travel, movies, music, and writing
LANGUAGES: English, Bengali, and Hindi
ROLE: Responsible for organizing and promoting events, implementing social media strategy and assist with marketing initiatives and special projects.

PHONE: 902-628-2000 Ext 255
Cora Lee Dunbar
Regional Program Officer, Prince County FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Alberton, Prince Edward Island
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Commerce degree, Certified Coach
INTERESTS: travel, dance, the great outdoors
ROLE: Help immigrant entrepreneurs succeed in business in PEI

Phone: 902 315 3897
Beverly Perry
Regional Program Officer, Kings County FAST FACTS ORIGIN: Souris PEI
EDUCATION: BSc, CSC,IFC (mathematics, finance, accounting)
INTERESTS: travel, beach, walking, painting
ROLE: Provide support, networking and research-based services to immigrant entrepreneurs who are looking to buy, start or expand a business in eastern PEI.

Phone: Montague: 902 838 4030 /
Souris: 1 855 297 9898
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