Immigrant entrepreneurs, skilled workers bring an abundance of experience, resources and access to new markets that are enormously beneficial to the provincial economy. However, they are challenged by a lack of familiarity with the local business and work environment, and the absence of professional networks. A welcoming support system is needed to help them succeed in business in PEI.

On the Island, skilled workers and immigrant entrepreneurs access this support through PEI Connectors, where they are introduced to established business professionals who help familiarize them with local business community. Known as “connectors”, they volunteer their time to provide knowledge, access and contacts to clients who are launching, purchasing and/or investing in businesses in PEI.

Be A Connector: A-OK Gardens and Papa Joes Story

Can You Be A Connector?

Connectors can be anyone with real work experience who are willing to share their knowledge. They could be the person you share a wall with or sit next to at lunch. They could be you or me. Whether you have a few years’ experience or are an executive, you have the potential to be a Connector.

As a Connector, what benefits
will you enjoy?

  1. Access to the newest talent group of skilled workers in the local community
  2. Satisfaction of opening doors and helping people succeed
  3. Pre-qualified candidates for reduced risk when hiring new employees

How does it work for Connectors?

  • You meet with our clients – skilled workers, graduates, immigrant entrepreneurs
  • You listen, ask questions and share knowledge of current market demands and the skills required in your field
  • After the meeting, you provide them with other industry contacts
  • You provide honest feedback to the clients through a PEI Connector Program Officers
  • Our clients follow-up with Connectors and begin to develop their own personal network
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Connecting new Islanders to the Business community

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Networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals. – Simon Sinek –
The true value of networking doesn't come from how many people we can meet but rather how many people we can introduce to others. – Allan Collins –